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Always check CONFIRMATION EMAIL for hours, especially between Christmas and New Years as they change!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find you on my GPS / where are you located?

For GPS use Thames Centre for the city and not Thorndale. Our address for GPS is "5141 Dundas Street, Thames Centre". We are located on Dundas Street exactly 6.5 kms east of Veterans' Memorial Parkway (Airport Rd.) heading towards Thamesford. We are on the right side of the road (south).

I cannot access my online booking account?

You may have called in the first time to make a reservation instead of using our 24 hour online booking system. You will have to call us to get a password. If you have booked online with us before and have forgot your password you can request a new one automatically generated by our booking system or you can call us and we can give you a new one.

I need to cancel or change the drop off / pick up dates of my booking.

You can use our online booking program to change your drop off / pick up dates and change boarding packages if you wish. All you have to do is log in to your account and edit your booking. We will send you a confirmation email when approved.
Please remember that we require 48 hrs notice for any cancellation. There is a $20 charge for any cancellation under 48 hrs notice. There is also a $20 charge if you pick up your pet a day early without 48 hrs notice.

I have tried to call but I keep getting voicemail.

If you have tried to call but seem to always get voicemail please leave us a message. If no one is available to take your call it probably means that we are busy attending to the pets in our care, we are helping a customer who is picking up or dropping off their pet, or we are already on the phone with someone else. Please leave us a message with your name, phone number and the reason you are calling and we will return your call at the earliest convenience. For immediate service you can always access our online booking program to make a reservation for your pet.

My female dog is in heat. Will you still allow us to board her?

When your female dog is in heat they produce a scent that is most appealing to male dogs. We have found that male dogs urinate and bark excessively in the kennel and can also behave badly in social play. For these reasons, we ask that you make other arrangements for your dog until her heat cycle has finished.

What should I bring with my dog(s)?

Vaccinations records are the most important. For first time boarders, we need to see proof that all vaccinations are up to date. For returning customers, we need to see proof that vaccinations have been updated following expiry. Please bring your dogs food in a tupperware container with no glass or porcelain cups or scoops (please note that we do not handle / serve raw food). They can break if dropped and cut your dogs/cats feet or even worse someone else's pet. We supply all food and water bowls, bedding and milk bones. Please leave your food dishes at home. Toys are always welcome but we ask they are the size of your fist or larger and nothing with high dollar or sentimental value. We do not accept bones or chews. White steamed rawhides are acceptable.

What should I bring for my cat?

Vaccinations records are the most important. For first time boarders, we need to see proof that all vaccinations are up to date. For returning customers, we need to see proof that vaccinations have been updated following expiry. We supply all litter pans and cat litter as well as bowls. Please bring whatever comforts from home you please as long as they are no higher than 3.5 feet tall. Toys are welcome but we do have some at the kennel.

I don't have a copy of my vaccination records

You can call your vet and have them emailed over to us. Our email is info [snail] countrysidekennel [period] ca.

My dogs or cats vaccinations have expired and I'm boarding soon. What do I do?

Call your vet ASAP and get them updated. The inter nasal bordatella (kennel cough for dogs) MUST BE GIVEN the minimum of 4 DAYS BEFORE BOARDING. All other shots can be given 24 hrs before boarding.

When filling out the vaccination expiry's for my dog/cat is says "booster" What is this?

The booster is your dogs DH2PP or your cats FVRCP

I didn't receive my confirmation email?

Some email providers block or send the email to your spam filter. You can make sure you get your emails by adding us to your contact list. Please add the following email : countrysidekennel [snail] propetware [period] com

Do you give medications?

We do. Medications are administered free of charge up to two doses a day. If your pet takes more than 2 doses a day or if it takes more than 2 minutes per dose there maybe an small fee in addition to your boarding costs.

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